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The Elu mage shouted as if it anticipated this attack. The Elu warriors that were in hiding jumped out one after another. The patrolling Elus were gathered and numbed near ten.


Han had poured in a generous amount of gun repair oil into the airbeat storage spaces. Each airbeat has their own engine. The combination of Jose's ignition skills and flammable oil would be enough to cause an explosion.


"It cannot use blink consecutively. It cannot manifest a psychic shield and blink at the same time. This attack had also been a gamble for the enemy. And it was a success."


Han felt as if the roadblock in his road was no more. The road that had seemed so narrow and dark was now so clear and bright. Instructor Wei's words had let Han grasp onto a bit of hope.


Herald's funeral was brisk. A majority of his acquaintances and friends attended. Herald's ashes were enshrined at Ark's mortuary.


Han tumbled forward onto the ground. It had been a merciless kick. The small body of a child had flown through the air from the kick.

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'However, once we start running with our backs faced toward it, we will die. Werewolves are naturally faster than us. We have to kill it here.'


He had ranked low in physical strength and mental resilience and had been placed in a lower class, but he had great talent in manifesting his psychic powers and was placed in class B.


Han took off his shirt. Ark's training uniforms were made of a high quality fabric. It had supreme durability and elasticity.


Instructor Wei had been trained inhumanely to kill. Before his own country summoned him for his psyker powers, he had lived within the shadows of the world.


During the first wave of aggression, he was one of the legendary psykers who had great contributions. He's officially a military man, and the title of Sergeant (SFC) is only a respectful title. Grace was knowledgeable in this area.


The most surprised was Kuro. He briefly looked to Han and Jose. He felt nervous being transferred alone.


Originally, all research and data related to psychic energy or minions must be reported and shared with the Ark institution. However, this clause was only spoken. The nations who allied with the Ark all held their own secret psychic research centers. It's just that it had never been found yet.



Han confirmed their victory before he rested against the tree. The emergency medic looked over the injuries, and transferred them to the recovery hall.



The morning started with a running drill. They had to go to the military training grounds and run laps. They could see their high-ranked peers in the far distance.


Han grit his teeth and paused at the next corner. The silence was so heavy that it seemed to consume even one's breath. Han paused his breath from nerves.


A flash of light passed. Something impaled into Kijo's chest. It was an arrow made of psychic energy. A neon blue arrow passed Kijo's chest and dissipated.

  • The both of them didn't have much intent to physically hit each other. It was only a light sparring match between the two. If they really got seriously injured, it would mess up the date they would be officially transferred into year 2.
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