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Han quietly got up. Everyone looked toward his direction. Everyone understood already. If Han had not come up with this battle formation in that brief moment, things would not have ended so smoothly. They would have probably been completely slaughtered.


The morning alarm rang all over Ark. People exited their dorm rooms one by one. The residents of this place didn't bother assembling or lining up, but instead walked around casually. Second years always moved as one, in squads. It was rare that anyone would move around by themselves.


"How shameless can you be to be class president when you're unable to properly display psychokinetic powers. Kids have such low standards these days. Don't you think it has fallen a bit too low?"


One person amongst the inspectors mumbled. His eyes darkened ominously. He looked like he lost touch with his sanity. He couldn't shake off the fear after witnessing Kuro's psychic powers. He felt a strong sense of duty to kill all the psykers here. He moved between people toward Kuro's direction.


"The winner will tip a bit toward the loser who lost it all. Take it, pal. Take this and don't be so mad. Let's be friends, huh?"


"The winner will tip a bit toward the loser who lost it all. Take it, pal. Take this and don't be so mad. Let's be friends, huh?"

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Han glanced over to Simon from Squad 3. It seems Simon had single-handedly taken care of the enemies that they met on their way here.


Kijo's legs trembled violently. Han wanted to give up and simply escape from this place. His reflexes told him to run away.


"His psychic potential is lower, the development of his skills are lackluster as well. However, his psychic control skills are excellent. The evolution of his powers is very slow in contrast to the amount of practice he puts in, but ironically it helped him develop absolute control of his psychic skills. It's impossible for a young child with that build to throw a spear this distance. But, Han has subsidized his psychic power to his strength and succeeded. Nobody taught him how to do this and he developed these skills himself."


"You sound like you were there. It could be the case. However, it could also mean that I really wished to kill them with the missile as well. It probably was the case. I could have made a different choice at the last moment. They were caught into my viciousness."


Octo chuckled as he got out his tools. Octo and the engineers expertly removed the securing devices and unscrewed the various parts.


'I'm shooting by guessing most of the time, but just knowing which direction to shoot gives me the upper hand. In a smoke field like this, it doesn't matter that the other squad is made up of elite marksmen.'


Han had devised various tactics dedicated for specific squad competitions. They were exhaustive and thorough tactics made for the purpose of winning the squad battles.



Han could easily laugh off these moments. He had had to face these types of people within a hell-like environment while looking after his younger siblings from adults since he could remember.



Elu hunters were naturally very thin and lanky. They had no whites to their eyes and a strange, creepy light seemed to reflect from them. Their ears twitched catching every little noise around themselves.


"Still, I think we should transfer him up into the third year. There's nothing that Han would gain remaining in second year. He would just pointlessly win squad mock battles. What this youth needs is real life experience."


A few children clamored. Han had been one of the last few children to succeed. There had been many who had already given up trying to manifest their powers.

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