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drill instructor Wei stood on the second floor observing the students of class B. The second floor was designed so that one would easily be able to take in the battlefield from a bird eye's view.


Many psychic children in general fail to manifest their powers physically. They are unable to bring out the energies within their own bodies. Han was also this way. He thought that things like psychic energy would have nothing to do with his own life. He couldn't even imagine the thought before the sensor rang.


Inspector Rue also used to be a military officer. He was an intelligence officer, and was chosen to become one of the top inspectors of the military committee board.


When Schwartz was assigned a new squad, he organized Han's profile files and read through them. There was a reason that he was transferred up into the third year at record speed, even with such a low psychic ability.


However, following the Second Wave of Aggression, countries around the world continued to scheme while calculating these psykers into their war plans.


"It would have been good if you were a useless idiot, but most of the time your opinions are correct and based on many facts. As long as Kato is the squad leader, he will never let you participate in the squad battles. You'll never be able to gain recognition in this team."

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Han added some strength to aid his throwing power and fine adjusted the throwing arch with his telekinesis. With just a little fine tuning, his spear flew a frightening distance.


Han didn't know what his parents looked like at all because his earliest memory was of the orphanage.


"Good news as a result of a tragedy. We have discovered a promising talent."


Kuro who stood behind Han blinked. Blue light glowed from Kuro's eyes. His immediate foresight skills had alarmed.


The deserted island was vast, although all of class B had landed here, it was not easy to find one another. A few students spotted one another on the shore, but pretended not to notice.


Han's level of expertise was too great compared to class D for him to remain here. Han had long passed class D's skills.


'I wasn't able to objectively judge his skills due to his arrogant personality. In secret, I undervalued Kijo's skills and neglected him quite a bit. Although a person's skill and character are two different things. Reflecting back, Kijo never lagged behind, and his ability to carry out the battle tactics were good. His character is his main hindrance.'



Sergeant Red said a few more words. He shared some more things about future tactics and training drills. Then the topic of Silence came up.



Han believed it was possible for Kuro. Kuro had been assigned into class B based on his psychic powers alone. His mastery of psychokinetic powers had also been very fast.


Silence gave a slight nod. He swiftly moved through the forest like a black panther. His footsteps didn't let a single sound as he moved through the forest. It was as if he had the power of zero gravity.


The shotgun blasted in succession causing the air vent to sink lower. Canute faltered forward at a place where the enemies immediately noticed.

  • The wind gushed violently.
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